About us


Recycled Furniture is a family owned and operated business!

In our case we purchase late model, brand name, quality furniture from folks needing to sell their furniture and with some cleaning and/or minor repairs-Recycle it for “second time” use.  Most of our stock is obtained from people leaving the state.  Moving costs are so high, if often pays to sell here and buy there.  Unfortunately some goods come as a result of divorce or estate settlements. We DO NOT buy worn out upholstery that requires recovering. When you purchase our merchandise, often the only clue it’s used is the price.

To combat the negative stereo type that Used Furniture conjures, we have adopted the following policies:

  • Buying only quality merchandise (as available)
  • Paying an amount that is fair to the seller and us.
  • Offering a clean product, at a fair price, and revealing any “known” defects to a prospective customer.
  • Offering a choice of rebuilt mattresses.
  • Displaying and accessorizing our inventory so the customer can visualize it in their home.
  • Operating in a manner that will encourage customers to not only return, but recommend us to their friends and neighbors.
  • Making lay-away, and delivery available.
  • Offering telephone estimates, email estimates and free in home appraisals.

Delivery: We offer delivery for $40.00 to almost all areas in the greater Reno and Sparks City Limits. Local exceptions are apartment complex’s that are more difficult to get furniture into, and some outlying areas (Stead and Spanish Springs for example).  These locations are $50.00-$60.00. We also offer delivery to select cities outside Reno and Sparks for a fee as long as a minimum purchase is met. We have delivered as far out as Gardnerville, Fernley, South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Winnemucca, Elko, Quincy, Portola, Susanville and Herlong as examples. Please call our store if you need delivery, but are outside the Reno/Sparks area, as the minimum purchase and delivery fee vary depending on the location.

Layaway: We have a 30 day lay-a-way program. You select your merchandise, give us 1/3 down. We consider the item(s) sold and you have a full 30 days to pay the balance and pick up. The first 10 days of the 30 day layaway is FREE storage, then it is $1.00 a day after the first 10 days. The most you can have in storage is $21.00, and it doesn’t matter how many items are on your invoice. All items must be paid for and picked up by the 30th day or the items and any deposits and/or payments are forfeited.


Refund Policy: No Refunds, No Exchanges, All Sales Final. All merchandise sold As Is. Customers are responsible for measuring all critical areas that the furniture must pass through in order to make it to the final destination. All customers are responsible for thoroughly inspecting items before purchase. Layaway purchases are also under the all sales final clause, and cannot be exchanged or returned regardless of whether the pieces have been picked up or not.

Washers and Dryers: We do allow a one week warranty on Washers and Dryers if WE DELIVERY THEM. The 7 day warranty begins the day of delivery.  There is no warranty if the items are picked up as we have no control of how they were handled or treated in transit.  All washers and dryers are tested before being placed on the sales floor.

Internet Sales/Telephone orders: No internet sales or telephone orders will be accepted. However, should you see something you like, give us a call to make sure it is still here, we are willing to put a 1 hour hold on the item so that you can come down and see it without having someone buy it out from under you.

Updating the Internet: there is an incredibly high turn over of merchandise in our store. We will try our best to keep the internet as up to date as possible.  Occasionally we will find pieces that match an item, so we have the right to then sell an individual item(s) as a set, even if shown as a separate item.  Sometimes we just can’t make changes to the Internet at the rate they are occuring in the store.  Also, all prices listed are subject to change.  Please call to make sure the item you are seeing is still available as it is listed. Provide us with the item description, and inventory number. Upon your request, we can place a 1 hour hold on the item so that you have time to come and see it. Also, if you don’t see what you are looking for, call as we may have what you are looking for, but have not had a chance to put it on the Internet.

Pricing:  All prices are subject to change as determined by Recycled Furniture.  Most of the time items are less than price shown on Internet because when they get marked down, we don’t have time to go and make changes to the website.  On the otherhand, sometimes the price can also increase if the item is nicer than originally thought, or if the piece has been improved by being restored, cleaned, etc.   Always call to verify availabilty and price of the item that you are interested in.

Buying of Furniture: If you have furniture to sell, either give us a call or email us at recfurn@att.net with your name and phone number and a picture of the items. We will let you know an estimation of what we can offer. All items are subject to official inspection in person by our buyer, whether in store or out of store. Our buyer will give the “official” bid for the item(s). We have buyers available, in store, 7 days a week. We will pick up items in the local area, as long as there are enough items to warrant a trip. Sometimes, we will offer to come out when in area, if you are out-lying or if you have one or few items with no way to bring them in.

Questions?: If you have any questions on our policies, or haven’t had your question answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page or by calling us at our store at 775-786-1002

History of Recycled Furniture, Reno

In 1988 Russ Walker opened and began operating the Recycled Furniture Store in Reno, Nevada. It was originally located in a smaller store front across and down the street from the current location. In 1992, the oldest used furniture store in Reno at the time closed (Elmer’s Furniture) and Recycled Furniture bought the inventory and moved into the current building. To give credit where it is due, the VERY FIRST Recycled Furniture Store began in Sparks, where Russ’s parent ran and operated it. When his parent semi-retired, the Sparks location was closed.  When Russ retired in 2017, a new couple purchased the business.  The new owners are dedicated to the same great pricing and customer service. They are looking forward to the next 30 years!